Architect, Visionary & Peacebuilder

Graham Brown

33 years ago a physical structure he named the Reciprocal Frame dumped itself in his awareness. From the moment of its arrival it was clear that it was also wisdom in structural form. Its wisdom guided him on an inner journey through his pain, suffering and the endless activity of his mind to awaken to ever present, silent, formless awareness within which all experience is known.

This bestowed peace to his mind and happiness in his heart where previously there was none. In those 33 years he has designed and constructed some 40+ Reciprocal Frame buildings and structures, each one an embodiment of that silent wisdom. His work is now a weaving of these inner and outer worlds. Outer action & inner transformation. It is his great pleasure to pass on the meditations, practices and understanding arising from the inner journey, together with the technical and design know-how from his design, construction and project work with the Reciprocal Frame.

The Peacebuildings project, founded in 2006, is an amalgamation of this inner and outer work. Each project, no matter how small or large, is essentially cocoon and crucible where we humans can forge re-connection with our ever present silent awareness as a foundation for peace and sustainability on earth.


Workshop-Serie: The solitary path to silence

4. Mai 2020, Teil 5: Embracing emptiness

Workshop-Serie: The solitary path to silence

20. April 2020, Teil 3: The willingness and commitment to see what we do. The fire of truthfulness.

Workshop-Serie: The solitary path to silence

13. April 2020, Teil 2: The development, nature, boundary and mechanism of the process of ego

Workshop-Serie: The solitary path to silence

6. April 2020, Teil 1: Two structures – The Reciprocal Frame and duality